STAFF 2019-2020

Catherine Leckie


Hi, my name is Cat and I'm one of the two co-chairs for the HOP! I'm a junior neuroscience major with a minor in entrepreneurship and management. I really like collecting vinyl records, watching videos of red pandas, and the HOP!

Jenna Colombo

Jenna colombo

Hi, I'm Jenna! I am a senior from Pennsylvania studying Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, and I am a co-chair for the HOP! I love watching The Office, playing card games, and planning events for the HOP :)

Allen Tsai

allen tsai

Hi, I’m Allen and I’m a junior General Biology major and Psychology minor. Aside from bring the HOP secretary, I am also Recruitment Chair for AED. In my free time I enjoy watching Money Heist (with English subtitles) and playing basketball. The thing I love the most about the HOP is meeting people like my BFF, Jerry Yao.


amal hayat
co-sponsorship chair

Hey, I’m Amal and I’m a sophomore studying BioMedical Engineering. I’m the cosponsorship chair for the Hop. At Hopkins, I play for the club lacrosse team. As an unsponsored Taharka Brothers Ice Cream ambassador, you can find me in the FFC with at least three (3) bowls of ice cream at a time. That ties in to my favorite Hop event FSS, where we give free ice cream to students. In my free time, I like to watch reality tv shows and eat Mochi.


charlie nguyen
marketing co-chair
(design & logistics)

Hey there! My name is Charlie, and I’m a junior studying public health and economics from Southern California. Aside from talking about being from California, I love to bake and enjoy music with friends. For me, the HOP is where I’ve gotten to meet some of the coolest people on campus, and I love how we all work together to make the campus a funner place!

jenna p.jpg

Jenna pasternak
recruitment & retention chair

Hi guys! My name is Jenna and I’m a senior public health major from a small island off the northeast coast of the US. “which pair of ripped jeans will I change the world in today,” is how I like to think about things. The HOP is the best because the people are great and the events are amazing!


jenny chong
marketing co-chair
(Social media)

Hey, I’m Jenny and I’m a senior majoring in public health and I’m from New Jersey. The HOP is the one club I am always excited to come back to each year! The best part is having a friend come up to me and telling me how much happiness the HOP’s events bring to campus.

Lori Baxter

lori baxter

My name is Lori Baxter and I’m a junior double majoring in applied math and statistics and international studies! Aside from the HOP, I’m a freshman RA and a chair for JHUMUNC. I’ve been on the HOP for two years and I’m excited to be the treasurer this year!


Sarah rosenberg
first sundae sundays chair

Hi, my name is Sarah and I am a junior majoring in political science and public health. Aside from the HOP, I am a member of the Public Health Student Forum and MED Panel, a PILOT review session leader, and a research assistant on a public health project examining the global public health agenda. My hobbies are watching reality TV, home decorating, cooking, online shopping, learning the Konmari method, and watching TikTok videos. I love the HOP because it’s full of great people, lets me run cool events, and gave me a new father.


alexis goh
Marketing committee

Hi! My name is Alexis and I’m a sophomore majoring in AMS and Economics! Other than the Hop, I’m a part of AKPsi, volunteer at the SPCA and give campus tours for Blue Key Society! I also enjoy hanging out with friends, discovering new music and trying new food in my free time. I love the HOP because I can not only be creative and have fun with planning events but also learn really useful skills like event planing and marketing.


angelo blancaflor
Treasurer committee

Hello! I’m Angelo and I’m a Psychology and Public major and from Los Angeles, California. On campus, I’m also part of Phi Delta Theta and Tutorial Project. I love the Hop because I get to plan events where so many people are have fun and destress from school.


Recruitment & retention committee

Hey, I’m Ben and I'm a sophomore from York, Pennsylvania, studying Molecular & Cellular Biology with minors in Spanish and Entrepreneurship & Management. Along with the Hop, I'm involved in Spring Fair, Hoptoberfest, club lacrosse, and the Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity. My favorite thing about being in the Hop is being able to bring different events to campus for the student body.


co-sponsorship committee

Hi! I’m DanaRose and I’m a senior Neuroscience major from Philly (go birds!!). My favorite thing about the HOP is getting to work with some of the best people on campus to brighten student life at Hopkins. I am so grateful for the past three years of fun with these guys and am excited for everything we have planned this year


isaac lucas
secretary committee

My name is Isaac and I am a junior and a pre-med molecular and cellular biology major. Besides the HOP, I’m involved in SGA, Hoptoberfest, IFC, and the club baseball team. I like country music and watching Chicago sports (besides the Cubs), and my favorite show is Black Mirror. My favorite part of the HOP is getting to spend time with the people on it (and first dibs at FSS)!


Jerry yao
co-sponsorship committee

Hey I’m Jerry and I’m currently a senior majoring in Economics. I am in the Co-Chair committee and have been a member for 3 years now. On campus, I am also in Tamid and Greek Life, and I work for Admissions! I love the HOP because we are all passionate about planning large events to improve student life, and after 3 years, it’s been my second family on campus.


julia keem
treasurer committee

My name is Julia, and I’m a junior majoring in Political Science and English. I’ve been part of the HOP for two years, and I’m also the Co-sponsorships chair for hoptoberfest.


keone aliphios
first sundae sundays committee

Hi! My name is Keone and I am a senior majoring in Neuroscience. Along with the HOP, I am involved in ResLife and JUMP. I enjoy long walks outdoors and cooking/baking with friends. Go HOP!


margot steiner
first sundae sundays committee

Hello!!! I’m Margot and a history major from New York. I love reading spy novels and watching bbc dramas. I love the hop because of all the amazing people I’ve met.


Ozioma Anyanwu
recruitment & retention committee

Hey everyone! I'm Ozioma and I’m a sophomore here at Hopkins and I'm on the Recruitment and Retention committee on the HOP. Outside of the HOP I'm on the executive boards on the Black Student Union and the African Student Union. Outside of campus, I've grown to love leaving campus and exploring Baltimore and all the it has to offer, because I love visiting new places, meeting new people, and trying new things. That being said, the thing I love most about the HOP is that we have a unique position to appeal to students of all backgrounds on campus and be a source of fun for everybody.


rachel depencier
Marketing committee

Hey guys, I’m Rachel and I am a Junior Public Health and Psychology major, and I play Varsity Volleyball. I’m on the Marketing Team committee and my favorite thing about the HOP is the people and the friendly, fun atmosphere. I enjoy binging Love Island and Dr. Pimple Popper.